Brand Design Magic

When you hear the phrase brand design, it will conjure up many scenarios in your head. Brands you know, adverts you have seen that made you smile or cry (John Lewis), or your own business logo. Brand design encompasses many aspects of building an identity, if done well brand design magic can transform your business. How? It solves design problems, imagery and text that misrepresent what you stand for and who you serve in the marketplace. It was actually my nephew that brought this home to me.

Here is a story of something simple yet funny that happened in which a counter argument against a long held belief was delivered with military precision and got me thinking…

Problems, we all have them either it is relationships, money, wellbeing, work, creative writing (like me) or even trying to get your 5-year-old nephew to eat this vegetable and this is the reason for me writing this blog post. His little creative strategic mind gives me an answer which didn’t only just outwitted me but solved a problem from a completely different angle.

So what was this problem-solving answer from a 5 year old, I hear you ask? Well, I know many of you try every way possible to get your little ones to eat their vegetables and when I noticed all the carrots pushed to one side of the plate, I told my nephew “If you don’t eat all your carrots you won’t be able to see in the dark”. His reply, it’s ok Ben I have a torch.

Apart from making me laugh hysterically, he came up with a better solution to solve a problem and this got me thinking, this is exactly what I do in my line of work. Clients come to me with a design problem whether it’s needing a name and visual identity for a new business adventure, getting existing companies branded products sold in leading retailers or some cases a sketched out idea of what they are looking for.

Logo design for Naked Peak

I was approached by a client with a branding design problem. She had designed her own identity for her new company that produced organic candles. But felt like her brand didn’t reflect her brand message, values, and visually looked too masculine. Primarily, we asked about the company name, “Naked Peak,” and the meaning behind her choice. Her organic candles and other products have no hidden ingredients and are made from 100% natural essential oil blend. All handmade, using only the best ingredients. Hence the word “Naked,” bare of any covering. The peak comes from looking at the mountains. Many are still free, fresh, and unseen, with that awe of secrecy, serenity, and mystery. Every mountain has a peak, and there are three peaks in life: Achievement, Fulfillment, and Happiness. This lady reported how it transformed her image and sales. True brand design magic.

What did we do?

We pinpointed problems, asked searching questions, and found the answers that work. We think business without creativity lacks inspiration, but that design without business lacks a clear purpose.

If you’re sitting in the dark and finding it hard to see the solution then Bind Studio have eaten a lot of carrots and have a torch just in case to shine a light on your design problems.

If you would like to discuss any design-related problems such as rebranding, packaging solution, website design or have any questions, please DM or email