Los Logos Bolton in the Sun

Kahiki Bolton

Logo Design – critical factor – new location tying in with existing one in Chester, to attract premium clientele

Los Logos, it sounds like a remote island in the Indian Ocean, like Bolton in the sun! It is in actual fact a book that is an authority on branding and design. But the tropical inference is better aligned to one of our valued clients and their logo design, Kahiki based in Bolton.

The owner of Kahiki is a native Boltonian, bringing the exotic to the shores of Albert Halls and beyond. Bolton’s top cocktail destination and only Tiki bar, it boasts a vast array of cocktails in a vibrant setting.

The original Kahiki bar was opened in Chester in 2016 and due to its success…… it was brought home as a second outlet.

Logo Design Brief

Kahiki is Polynesian for pineapple, so naturally that needs to be the central feature of the visuals. Ben describes how he was inspired to create the pineapple aesthetic within the lettering and choice of colours.

“The Kahiki bars practise Mixology, therefore the pineapple image is comprised of intertwining
shapes to represent the cocktails. It was also important to attract a premium clientele of mixed
ages and therefore the branding needed to capture its tropical roots but in a modern way. This is
why the green and gold work so well to encompass all these elements.”

Kahiki were delighted with the final result, and subsequently, Bind were also commissioned to create menus and vinyl stickers as part of a broader marketing strategy.

Business owners are always far prouder of a logo they have had professionally designed and aren’t afraid to start to use it across all their communications.

A small investment, huge dividends.

Magnificently Unique!