Sparkling Logo Design

Forava Clean Bolton

Sparkling Logo Design

Critical factor of brief – building trust

Forava Clean is a recent start-up, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The business is named after the owner’s daughter and allowed a great play on words that were relevant to the services they provide. During our meeting it was clear that they treasured their clientele and that quality and attention to detail are at the core of their values. They wanted this to be reflected in their brand identity, a sparkling logo design to match their services.

They were extremely clear on the imagery they wanted in the letters of the name. The brief was to animate
the letters, in particular the ‘F’ due to heavy social media presence and restrictive space for

Bringing personality to text

This is the sort of challenge that Ben relishes, consequently, he enjoyed the opportunity to really
include the letters in the splendour of its meaning.

The ascending line in the ‘F’ incorporates sparkles, whilst the O lends itself naturally to bubbles.
This invokes the wider senses, so you can almost see the shine and smell the luxurious soap.
Trust is particularly important for cleaning businesses who have to enter into commercial and
domestic properties regularly. The colour scheme blue, not only fosters this psychologically but ties in with the watery hue and cleanliness theme. A truly sparkling logo design was created.

Designers perspective

Ben stated “Most of our clients know precisely what they want within their logo, but as we
discuss these ideas, I present additional angles that they hadn’t previously considered and this
adds the final touches that they are really happy with, they see it as a bonus.”

This is why working with an objective designer who both understands your brief but who also
has additional suggestions is beneficial to creating a truly individual and trusted brand identity. It makes you relevant and keeps you magnificently unique!