Does typeface personality matter?

What’s your favourite font say about you?

Just like handwriting, typeface choices say a lot about a personality. People who use Helvetica usually like a clean neutral design (like Swiss design) and come across as modest, practical and intelligent. But on the other side, being neutral also means it can look dull and unappealing and be classed as a boring typeface. However, this can suit a company just fine. As this can translate to their target audience as being honest, respectable and safe. Therefore typeface personality can be linked to yours.

Choosing the right typeface for the branding of your company is crucial as the voice of a typeface can influence customers behaviour. We all make choices with our eyes every day by the letters we read if it’s buying a product, walking into a store or browsing a website and getting this wrong from the very start can dramatically stop customer footfall before you have even opened your doors for business.

How to put the typeface personality to the test.

Transport is a sans serif typeface first designed for road signs in the United Kingdom. It was created between 1957 and 1963 by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert. Transport is a very clear, distinctive and ‘friendly’ and ‘safe’ typeface which allows easier readability of black letters on white backgrounds. (perfect for road signs when you don’t have much time to study the information).

Let’s take Comic Sans a sans-serif casual script typeface designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994 by Microsoft Corporation. Some people might say to be the worst font ever designed! Comic Sans is also friendly-looking typeface but also has a juvenile personality.

So if we replace the typeface with Comic Sans which has a childlike tone. This can impact the reader’s impression of the sign. Which now fails to express the urgency and seriousness of the message.

So this proves it’s crucial to match the right font with the personality of the text. Not only does this help your readers/ customers to read quicker and digest the information easier. It also gives them a sense of trust and is more likely to buy into your company, product or browse and return to your website.

So, what does your typeface choice say about your brand? Or do you think you can benefit from a brand redesign from Bind Studio? If you would like to discuss rebranding your company, or have any questions, please DM or email