Why Brand Identity Matters

Why brand identity matters

Have you ever grappled with online software to create a logo? Were you pleased with the results? Did you feel genuinely proud to place this onto your social media profiles? Did you go as far as getting it printed on business cards? How did you feel when you gave them out? The answers you provide are important, because this is why brand identity matters.

Most people can produce a really good looking logo, especially on platforms such as Canva. But it is quite likely that it will lack two key things. Individuality and connection to your audience. Both these, if they are missing, will cost you dearly in lost visibility and ultimately, leads and sales. 

When you own a business you want your brand to stand out. You don’t want to be in a situation where all that time and money you have invested starting and running a business leads to nowhere. Surprisingly, even when you have identified a target audience with a product or service that they need to solve their problems, you can fall flat. Particularly, if your brand isn’t firing on all cylinders, then it is extremely likely that they are going to go to your competitors.

Why else does brand identity matter?

1. Brand Identity is an opportunity for differentiation

Most websites that offer you the chance to create your own logo are standardised. If you are using templates, there is a strong probability that you will have picked something similar to a competitor. Even large brands make this mistake. I regularly get Strava and Audible mixed up, as the apps look similar due to colour schemes. Also Wetherspoons and WordPress look depressingly alike. And they should know better!

A strong brand identity explicitly reinforces that old idiom, a picture paints a thousand words. Subliminally we get what you stand for, your mission, your ethos and who you serve from your brand identity, therefore it’s a work of art that requires attention to detail. 

2. Brand Identity is Instant Recognition

Awareness is the first stage of a sales funnel. Without this you won’t attract customers. Awareness is achieved through a strong visual identity. An aesthetic closely aligned to your values, ethos and mission is not to be underestimated. What you save in money at the beginning by doing your own logo, will cost you 100 times over in lost awareness opportunities. 

Once you have a strong image then you can maximise this across all your promotional channels. Here is an example of a logo design that we produced for a local business in Westhoughton Bolton, you can also read more on this story here.

3. Build Trust and Credibility

Brands that win business and build loyalty with consumers are those that convey professionalism and reliability. It’s about trust, we do judge quickly. Our brain filters information in line with our self awareness around our own needs and desires. If something is deemed irrelevant by our subconscious, then our conscious mind won’t even be given the information.

Brand identity is the key player in passing the cerebral gatekeeper and metaphorically shouting ‘over here!’ to your target audience. It also has to embody authenticity, because the next important stage in your relationship with your potential customers is getting their trust.

4. Invoke an Emotional Connection

Marketing your brand involves telling stories, drawing on the emotions of your target audience. The judge a book by its cover catchphrase is comparable. Your stories will land better if your branding is strong. Like any other relationship, it starts with interest and builds on emotion. If there is a disconnect between your content and your branding this will be disastrous.

5. Equity 

A strong brand identity contributes to brand equity, the intangible value and perception associated with your brand. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and higher perceived value, because your customers are invested and want you to succeed.

Aligning your brand directly to customer needs also results in stronger retention and less price sensitivity. The emotional investment your customer make into buying your products or services, increases your lifetime value from your promotional campaigns. It also means that your pricing strategy can position you in the market to the more premium end as it’s not the price customers purchase on, it is perceived value.

Stay local

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