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Free logo design is one of the most widely searched terms on Google. You can imagine how this makes me feel as a graphic designer. I have trained for years to gain a degree in graphic design. This has given me a thorough understanding of colour palettes, tone of voice, image creation, and business identity, all of which are crucial in this field.

I challenge the belief that logos are just visual representations by connecting with businesses daily.

How much will a logo cost?

The most common question I get asked or people want to know is ‘how much will it cost’. It’s a bit of a grey area trying to find the answer online and when you do find costs they can massively vary from £5 up to thousands of pounds. But I think the actual question you want to ask yourself is how much do you value your business/ brand?

Asking such a question devalues your business and its purpose in the market.

Don’t be one of the herd.

So let’s say your business sells a luxury product and your target audience is a person who doesn’t shop at Primark but at Selfridges.

The first thing your customer sees is hundreds of brands facing them, all vying for attention – a silent “pick me please.” For your customers, it’s like looking at a field of zebras and having to choose one. So, you have to think about how you can stand out and not be like other zebras.

Getting your brand right from the word go is crucial if you want to build a successful business. Your interactions with people shape their perception of your brand, but your brand identity should also convey your values, mission, and target audience. Can you realistically achieve that with a free logo design?

If you get a free logo design, or a cheap logo, can you honestly say that they are accurately reflecting your brand personality? Or that it’s more likely to be one of the herd?

Brand positioning

Consider your business position and its value to determine the cost of achieving the perfect results.

If we take the shopping staple food “Chopped Tomatoes,” we have the supermarket’s value range costing around 30p to premium at £1. We all know they are the same product inside the tin, and if we took the labels off and opened them, we probably couldn’t tell the difference. What sets these two products apart is the branding, which then attracts different customers. Also, the cost of the product and their buying thought process. If your goal is to make an impression at a dinner party, you may be more inclined to purchase high-quality produce that is distinguished by its branding. So now, take that same thought process but apply it to the different prices you have come across for branding/logo designs.

Logo Budget

Sure, I’ve seen logo designs advertised for as little as £5 to £50. Yes, I hear you, not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend on a logo design. Choosing such an option undervalues your dream business before it even starts operating. Later down the line, you may regret it and attract the wrong target audience or not even an audience.

Clothes with holes

As a graphic designer myself, I was intrigued to see what I could get if I paid £10 for a logo design.

So, I carried out some research and the results were shocking but not unexpected. I received 5-10 design options and unlimited revisions to achieve my ideal logo.

What I received can only be described as a child using “Clip Art” for the first time on the program “Word 98.” Each logo design was pixelated, and the images used within the logo for my “fake business” didn’t represent or tell my brand story of the business at all.

Despite numerous emails, I paid £10 and received an awful logo, putting me back at square one.

Below is my journey…

<img src="peopleperhour_logo.png" alt="PeoplePerHour logo featuring the company name in bold letters and a distinctive 'PPH' monogram in orange and grey">

Free logo design

Free logo design Free logo design


Free logo design Free logo design Free logo design


<img src="hayhurst_electrical_logo.png" alt="Logo design for Hayhurst Electrical, featuring a sleek modern design with the company name in bold letters, and a hidden light bulb symbol that represents the company's expertise and innovation">

Would you walk out of the door with clothes with holes in for an interview? I think not, but why? Because you want to be presentable and place yourself in the best light to people who don’t know you. So why would you do the opposite with your new business?

Personalised Logo Service

So why is working with a graphic designer for your logo not that expensive?

Years of studying graphic design can lead to high expertise, skill, and creativity in individuals. They understand businesses and what they need to achieve through their creative design. Your logo is only the start of that journey.

Your logo will set the tone for your colour schemes, font, style and look. Having a consistent brand image across all your communications is essential to building a strong and recognizable brand. This helps you create a consistent brand message and user experience, which in turn increases customer trust and recognition. By incorporating your logo, colours, fonts, and messaging across all your marketing channels, you can create a cohesive and recognizable brand that can help differentiate you from your competitors.

Therefore, if you use a cheap logo, you won’t be able to replicate that across your marketing colleateral. Your whole style, colour and identity are what makes you instantly recognizable and allows you to stand out so you’re not a Zebra.

This is why we all turn into inspectors doing a few background checks before we even consider purchasing a product or service, and I don’t blame you! I’d want to know, have they studied Design? What degree did they achieve? How long have they been in the industry and who have they worked for? Have they won any awards for the work? Be cautious of logo designers charging £5-£50, as they may not meet your expectations.


So why does one logo design cost 10x more than another? The answer is properly experience or how much that person values their skills and time.


Coming from the North my grandad always said to me ‘buy cheap buy twice’ or ‘if it’s cheap, it’s too good to be true’ and on most occasions, this is so true. Just keep this in mind when you’re next looking of any service or product.

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