Logo Design To Get Your Teeth Into


Logo Design To Get Your Teeth Into

Critical factor in brief – fusing old and new

Bytes, the realisation of a long-standing pipedream, was opened in Westhoughton in Bolton in
August 2023, by Matt. For many it’s the epitome of heaven! A bar that also houses arcade gaming machines from the 1980s up until present day. That in itself is an inspiration to any budding start-ups, who think it’s not possible to make a living from something fun. You could say in reaching out to Bind that Matt was searching for a logo design to get your teeth into!

Bytes fuses the best of dewy eyed nostalgia with modern day trends, and the two combine
effortlessly, to the delight of locals who feel they’ve no opportunities to experience trendy, fun
nights out, unless they hop on the train into Manchester.

The Brief

As you would expect, Bytes is centred around gaming. The name itself taken from the world of computing- its definition being, the unit most computers use to represent a character such as a letter. Again, a clever play on words given that the business is a bar housing large computer games! Therefore the logo would need to incorporate a lot of conflicting elements to succeed.

The Venue

Given that Bytes has a physical location for its customers to visit, the visuals created can be used to maximum effect within the premises, as well as on social media and other marketing channels.

Retro arcade machines in a pomp of strange beeps and flashing lights competitively mock the more analogue pool and football tables. Add in the very on trend quality draught beer, old style beverages in a matching fridge together with a flamboyant twist of themed cocktails juxtaposed to the backdrop of Indie beats.

Westhoughton is indeed blessed.

So over to how Bind Studio, logo design specialists, became involved in the branding.
Bytes is a small local business and given the length of time it has taken to bring the concept to
life, it was only right that the brand accurately reflected what it truly stood for. Bringing different
generations together to channel their competitive energies, whilst revelling in nostalgia.

When Matt and Ben sat down to draft a logo design, Matt was brimming with enthusiasm and
had many ideas as to what he wanted within the logo. Ben took these impressions and
channelled them through his creative vision, cleverly transposing multiple objectives into a
stunning visual representation that consumers instantly get.

The Designer’s Perspective

Ben describes his thought processes as he starts the logo design…
“Matt was adamant he wanted something that combined the retro feel with the modern style. So
the font was inspired by the original foundation for gaming, 1978 Space Invaders, whilst using
the building blocks of Tetris to form the letters. The colour scheme incorporated the old RGB
spectrum from older computers which are quite vibrant.”

Matt was delighted with the result and from the first logo design, the branding has since been
engraved into the fixtures and on the pump of one of the draught beers. Proving that a small investment
reaps huge long term dividends.

Magnificently Unique!

In the spirit of competitiveness, can you spot the Easter Egg in Ben’s font design?… answer



Answer – turn your head to the side and it’s a character from space invaders in the letter B