Branding Design

why brand identity matters

Why Brand Identity Matters

Why brand identity matters Have you ever grappled with online software to create a logo? Were you pleased with the results? Did you feel genuinely proud to place this onto your social media profiles? Did you go as far as…
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Reasons to retain a graphic designer

4 Reasons to retain a Graphic Designer

4 Reasons to retain a Graphic Designer! We live in a busy, fast-paced world. When it comes to grabbing someone's attention, every second counts.  When building trust, first impressions matter.  Yet, grabbing attention and building trust are the two most…
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Dyslexic Designers

Are Dyslexic Designers Better Thinkers?

Are dyslexic designers better thinkers? This is a question I have pondered over and would be interested to hear your thoughts. For many years I and many others struggle with normal day to day activities such as reading, writing and…
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